What Has Liberty Party Done?

What has Liberty Party Done?

  • Liberty Party critiqued the first 3 years of this administration in its Midterm report (March 2009) and provided alternative policies to move the country forward


  • LP delegates met with the President on several occasions to register its concerns on national issues.


  • LP Issued more than 25 press releases on national issues between 2006 and 2008 alone.


  • Liberty Party tackled issues from budgetary allocation and appropriation, to management and governance, to corruption and national reconciliation.


  • Liberty Party sued the government of Liberia to stop the practice of the President appointing city mayors. The party’s position is that city mayors and superintendents should be elected by the people to ensure officials are loyal to the people, and not the President who appointed them.


What has LP Legislative Caucus done?

  • Engaged the administration on the issue of appropriating land for Firestone without the consent of the people affected.


  • Introduced a resolution calling for legislative investigation into corruption scandal involving Presidential confidant, the late Willis Knuckles.


  • Spoke on the issue of the effect of corruption on clear and comprehensive maritime policy that affects the Liberian Maritime program.


  • In 2006, LP caucus was successful in leading the charge to defeat a bill introduced on behalf of the Executive branch which would have allowed unlegislated budgetary transfers by the executive without legislative approval. Unfortunately, the President, however, revised and resubmitted the bill in 2007, and with intense lobbying, it was passed into law, contrary to the position of Liberty Party.


  • Consequently, in 2009 the Minister of Internal Affairs transferred and used funds, which had been appropriated by the Legislature and approved by the President for development purposes, for rental payment for an official of government.


  • Early in her term, President Sirleaf suggested that members of the executive o f government, especially her cabinet, did not have to submit to any legislative inquiry, except through her office.


  • Liberty Party Legislative Caucus and Cllr Charles Brumskine resisted the president’s position. Eventually, the President softened her stance and submitted to the principal of legislative oversight of executive agencies and departments.



Alternative policies by Liberty Party adopted by UP-led Government

  • When President Sirleaf contemplated raising taxes, the party cautioned that increasing taxes would be additional burden on the poor of Liberia who would bear the brunt of the tax increase through higher costs of goods and reduction in the already meager standard of living for the average Liberia.


  • Cllr. Brumskine advised the government to stop the practice of treating foreign contributions and donations as extra budgetary contribution. In 2007, the government incorporated this into their budgetary policy.


Alternative Policies Rejected by UP-led Government


  • Prior to the collapse in the global economy, Liberty Party advised the government of Liberia to take certain safeguards to deal with the current economic downturn and impending recession in order to minimize the adverse effect on the Liberian economy. The government maintained that Liberia was not tied to the global economic system.


  • Reality: Mittal steel could not start a vibrant iron ore operation in Liberia because of the global economic crisis. The company could not hire Liberians as planned. In some cases, some employees already hired were let go.


Liberty Party Recent Humanitarian Efforts



  • Cllr. Brumskine was the first Political figure to venture out of Monrovia during the crisis to carry humanitarian supplies (rice, Ebola related supplies) as well as information to prevent the spread of the disease.


  •  Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine gave LD$100,000 each to six counties during the Ebola crisis.




  • Liberty Party initiated “We Stand as One” a non-political movement that brought together the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Samaritan Purse, large foreign NGOs, local community organizations in Liberia as well as experts in healthcare and logistics to fight against Ebola. Through “We Stand as One” several hundred thousand dollar worth of Ebola and relief supplies were sent to different locations in Liberia. Liberty Party USA Chairman received an award in Dallas, along with Dr. Brantley (the first American Doctor to attract and survive Ebola) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for work done during the crisishttp://allafrica.com/stories/201504301241.html


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