Thousands Welcome Liberty Party and Charles Brumskine to Lofa for Liberty Party’s Convention

The people of Lofa gave a hero’s welcome to Liberty Party and Charles Brumskine as thousands showed up for a parade that started from the local police station in Voinjama to the Free Pentecostal Mission, where the convention was held. The jubilant crowd, some donning Liberty Party T-shirts, met the convoy of the new political leader of Liberty Party and marched with songs, chants and dance through the streets of Voinjama despite intermittent rain. Cllr. Brumskine, who rode atop a sport utility vehicle with Senator Steve Zargo and Representative Eugene Kparkar of Lofa, waved to the crowd and exchanged pleasantries with the people who thronged his convoy. The Liberty Party convention brought together delegates from the 73 electoral districts to vote for a new political leader, update the Party’s constitution and lay the foundation for a revised Party platform.

Operating under the banner “Turning Vision into Reality” the Liberty Party convention was attended by several opposition party members and stakeholders including Senator Jewel Howard Taylor of NPP, Senator Henry Yallah of PUP, Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherrif and Horatio Gould of ANC. Also present at the convention were representatives of the National Elections Commission. Speaking at the occasion, Senator Franklin Siakor, turning over the political leadership of the party, called on Liberty Party to continue the dialogue with opposition parties in an effort to unite efforts leading to 2017. Senator Siakor also spoke to the need for Liberians of all persuasions to put aside their differences and reconcile for the good of the nation.

This call for reconciliation among opposition parties was also echoed by Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and other guest speakers at the convention. Also in attendance at the convention included Liberty Party prominent members including Mrs. Estelle Brumskine, Cllr. Brumskine’s wife of 40 years, Cllr. Fonati Koffa, current National Chairman of Liberty Party, Israel Akinsanya, former National Chairman, Senators Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence and Jonathan Kaipay of Grand Bassa, Representatives Gabriel Smith and Byron Brown of Grand Bassa, Senator Steve Zargo and Representative Eugene Kparkar of Lofa, and the Chairman of Liberty Party USA, Mr. Philip Suah, who traveled from the United States to attend the occasion.

For some attending the program, the turnout at the convention was an indication that Liberty Party had made inroads into Lofa. One bystander said “if Liberty Party can pull these numbers in the home of the Vice President two years before the elections, then this shows that their party is more than a one county party.” Regardless of opinions about who will win Lofa, what is  certain is that Liberty Party pulled a huge and unexpected crowd in Lofa, weeks after the Vice President declared he would contest the 2017 elections.

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