Charles W. Brumskine

Political Leader, Liberty Party

On behalf of Liberty Party, Mrs. Brumskine, and in my own name, I extend warmest greetings and felicitations to you, our fellow citizens of the Islamic Faith, on the successful completion of your religious requirements during the Month of Ramadan; a month that is holy to Muslims worldwide. Assalaamu alaykum!

Through fasting, abstinence from worldly deeds, and reflection on your lives, you have observed Ramadan. It is, therefore, with a sense of humility that I congratulate you for this great season of your faith.

Remaining obedient to the teaching of the Holy Qur’an throughout the Month of Ramadan, by keeping away from food and drink, from dawn to sunset—one of the five pillars of Islam—is commendable. In applauding this great sense of religious sacrifice, I trust that all Muslims will translate the discipline of fasting and praying during Ramadan into a deliberate effort, collectively and individually, to build a united Liberia, as reconciliation is at the heart of the continuous existence of our nation.

We must all endeavor to build a democratic society, where one’s choosing of a faith in no way provides an advantage, or diminishes his or her standing in our national political equation, as we are all linked, as creatures of God and as fellow Liberians. As a political party, drawing membership from all Liberians, Liberty Party recognizes the immense contributions that you, our Muslim brothers and sisters, have made and continue to make in building a wholesome society, characterized by the rule of law. I am, therefore, confident that all Liberians join me in wishing God’s blessings upon Muslims throughout our country.

I pray that all Liberians remain unyielding in all we do to reconcile all of our people, securing a just society, in the spirit of brotherhood and kindness.

Finally, I wish you a festive Eid ul Fitri, hoping that it will signal greater opportunities, not only for Muslims, but also for all Liberians.

Eid Mubarak!

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