LP Endorses Unity Party in second Round 10/18/2014

First Released October 2011

Over the last six years, Liberty Party has critiqued the current administration for what we felt were a repeat of some of the failed policies of the past. We worked with this administration and held them accountable for corruption and other practices when other political parties were silent. We provided many alternative policies in hopes of changing the Nation’s course to one that would bring much relief to the average Liberian. We promised that when given the chance to lead, Liberty Party would reconcile the people, reform our governing values, and rebuild our country. We also promised that we would accept the results of the elections, regardless of the outcome, to show the world that we can have a peaceful electoral process in Liberia.

The current results published by the National Elections Commission show that we have not been given a chance to lead. Liberty Party is therefore fulfilling its pledge today by accepting the results of the 2011 election results without protest. We want to assure Liberians and the international community that we will continue to engage the next elected leader of Liberia as we have engaged the current administration. We realized early on that in order to change our country, we have to change the process that leads to our empowerment. Liberia cannot take its rightful place in the region and the world if we advocate change, yet take actions contrary to the long term development and sustenance of lasting peace, tranquility and advancement of the country. We remain adamant that the long term benefit of Liberia comes first, above our individual political aspirations, and our collective aspirations as a party. It is this fundamental core value that have characterized the way we approached decision making and our opposition over the last six years; and the same core value which guides us as we determine who to endorse in the second round of the 2011 elections.

Firstly, our endorsement of a political party or group in the second round does not mean that we agree with all the values and practices of that political party or group; rather, it is choosing the better of the two options that could lead Liberia. We believe that a better option for Liberia will consist of leaders who are more consistent in their approach to decision making, professional in their conduct, tolerant of criticisms, and have the ability to govern our country with respect for the rule of law. We are aware that no leadership team is perfect, including ours; however, based on our evaluation and analysis of the two options, we have concluded that Unity Party is the better of the two in leading Liberia the next six years. We therefore offer our support to Unity Party during the second round of the 2011 elections.

Lastly, as we transition into the next administration, Liberty Party is again pledging to work very hard to gain the support and trust of Liberians. We are an institution of ideas that could move Liberia forward and we promise to share our ideas with the next administration. We will work along with them to ensure that our people are reconciled, small business has access to capital, youths be given opportunities to succeed, the strangle hold of corruption on the economy is broken, the average Liberian has access to adequate health care, jobs and a better living condition. Whether we are the ruling party or not, we firmly believe that together we can do better.

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