Liberty Party’s Press Statement on Current Re-Branding Initiative of the Party and the Opening of its New National Headquarters Located on Tubman Boulevard

Ladies and gentlemen of the Fourth Estate:


Over the last eleven years of its existence, Liberty Party and its leadership have maintained a strategic balance between the interest of the state and the desire to win the leadership of our country. Ours has always been a mission to play a stabilizing role in situations that would have otherwise caused a rupture in the fabric of our country. It is therefore of no surprise that our party has grown to attract the attention of the public, especially at a time when we are gearing up to effect a change of political leadership.

There is, in this state of things, an evolving phenomenal twist in the political dynamics of our country that seems to be positioning Liberty Party as a party of first choice for the electorate. Daily, our current National Headquarters continues to be inundated by Liberians who are eager to be a part of the team that leads Liberia to a future of hope for our country and its people. These are being manifested in political endorsements of our Political Leader in particular and our institution in general.

We remain very grateful to those Liberians who have seen it in their best wisdom to utilize their talents on the platform provided by Liberty Party. Together with them we will continue to accelerate our speed down the road to the 2017 polls.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we make these monumental gains amongst the electorate and major stakeholders in the political equation of our country, we are not in the least unmindful of our obligation to rebrand our institution. As a matter of fact, it was first of all, as a result of the re-branding process that our party has continued to attract the attention of well-meaning Liberians.

As a part of that re-branding process, Liberty Party has endeavored to create more visibility across the country by acquiring new and standard offices in the leeward counties. Our partisans in those localities have found this to be an added source of motivation, and are moving with deliberate speed in taking Liberty Party to the rural population.

Here in Monrovia, our political rivals and the generality of the electorate will experience an aggressive awakening of the spirit of democracy when partisans from the nooks and corners of Montserrado County, converge at a colorful ceremony to mark the official opening of our new national headquarters located opposite the Duncan Gas Station near the Catholic Junction on November 26, 2016.

This event co-named, the Green Revolution, will mark the beginning of a progressive process of altering the political landscape of Montserrado County. We are determined to demystify the myth associated with a single-party control over Montserrado County.  This we will do with every application of our ingenuity, knowing that the political future of our country lies with those who will do genuine political work in the vast political terrains of our country. Our party is determined to create a formidable battleground in Montserrado County and other parts of Liberia superficially considered control territory of opposing party.

In the next week, our Press and propaganda session will issue the appropriate public service announcements regarding the operationalization of the planned program. As we move down the road to 2017, we call on all Liberty Party partisans to rekindle the spirit of Liberty that inspires their membership into this responsible, organized and progressive institution of ours to come out triumphantly to join the Green day, a historic making day in the life of our esteem party. The party also wishes to echo the resonating perception that in Liberty Party lives the dreams, hopes and aspirations of all Liberians for a transformed and reformed nation. Let us therefore join ranks under this canopy and build a new nation for ourselves and posterity. As we say in Liberty Party, TOGETHER, WE CAN DO BETTER.



Jacob Smith

Secretary General, Liberty Party

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