Liberty Party USA Updates

Please see important updates on Liberty Party activities:
1. The Political Leader of Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine (CWB) entered Cheesemanburg, Montserrado to a rousing welcome. The elders, chiefs, women, and the youths not only welcomed CWB, they endorsed him and pledged support for his leadership. For more information and pictures of the event, please visit

2. Speech delivered by CWB last December regarding the security of the nation as it relates to terrorism remains alive in the midst of the latest terror attacks in Ivory Coast. Liberty Party remains the only party that puts forth constructive ideas to move Liberia forward. Read the speech at the following link:

3. We will be sending funds to Liberia to sustain the mobile clinic we started last December. If you haven’t done so, please make all contributions this week to:

Liberty Foundation Project, Wells Fargo Account number is 988 659 3335 or donate online at

4. Overall, we need the financial support from everyone so we can promote the interest of the party through community engagement. We also need to provide stipend for Liberty Party volunteers in rural Liberia, many of whom are sacrificing for the party. Our financial support, no matter how small, can help the party continue the momentum it has generated in the hearts of Liberians.

5. LPUSA has adopted Nimba County. We will be sharing some of the financial burden of organizing in a county that is pivotal to our success in the 2017 elections. We need everyone onboard in support or the work currently underway in Nimba.

6. We will be hosting a general meeting Saturday March 19 at 4pm Eastern. More information to follow via email and text.

Lastly, please visit for more updates on articles.


Philip B. Suah, Jr.

Chairman, LPUSA

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