Liberty Party Exposes Improprieties by Liberia’s National Elections Commissions



JULY 9, 2017

Less than 48 hours after the National Elections Commission (NEC) decision to summarily, arbitrarily

and unlawfully reject the nomination of Liberty Party’s Vice Standard Bearer, Harrison Karnwea, the

NEC command, without an investigation, in keeping with law, has again decided to extend the

nomination process because its preferred candidate, Joseph Nyemah Boakai, has been unable to

decide on a running mate, 2 years after he made his decision to run for president.

These actions by NEC clearly shows that it is controlled by the Unity Party. It is blatant that the

extension is intended only to give VP Boakai additional time to decide who he would have as his

running mate.

This action is alarming, not only for its brazen attempt to derail the elections, but also because of

the public manner in which the election process has been hi-jacked by the unholy alliance of the

ruling Unity Party and the NEC, an institution that should be a neutral arbiter in the process.

There is simply no reason for extending the deadline of the nomination process. Why would an

elections commission, that claims it lacks adequate funding to conduct the elections, impose

additional expense on itself simply to accommodate the Vice President’s inability to make a decision?

The Legislature, in its wisdom, amended Section 4.5 of the Elections Law to provide that, “The list of

Candidates shall be received by the Commission not later than ninety days (90) days before the

election.” That was the legal basis for the July 11 deadline—90 days prior to the ensuing Presidential

and General Elections. The NEC has no authority, legal or otherwise, to extend the deadline for filing

the names of candidates.

Additionally, Section 2.9 – Power and Duties of the Elections Commission states that, “The

Commission, as an autonomous agency of Government, independent of any branch of the

Government, shall have the following powers and duties…Sub-section (h) provides that, Formulate

and enforce guidelines controlling the conduct of all elections for elective public offices which

guidelines shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution and the Elections Law.”

As such, the decision of the NEC to extend the statutory guideline is illegal, as it is inconsistent and

contravenes the Elections Law, as quoted above. Even more important, NEC‘s actions shows a blatant

disregard for the Elections Law.

Liberty Party hereby gives notice that it will challenge in court the validity of the receipt of any

document by the NEC from Vice President Boakai or the ruling Unity Party after the deadline as

required by law.

We call on the International community, elections observers, our developmental partners and all

peace-loving Liberians to engage the President of Liberia in an effort to immediately arrest this

Phillips Building. Catholic Hospital Junction, Tubman Blvd. Monrovia, Liberia

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situation. We will not sit idly by and allow the NEC to hijack the democratic suffrage of the Liberian


We again remind the President that her legacy is tied to the credibility and transparency of these

elections. Madam President, you came to power in Liberia after 14 years of a brutal Civil War, started

because of election fraud, which destroyed our country, killed about 250,000 Liberians, and

displaced many more. As a peace-loving political party, we are calling upon you not to allow

activities under your watch to give excuse to those who are prone to violence to cause trouble in our

country. Allow the elections to be free and fair.






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