Liberty Party Reconciliation Paper Section V Conclusion


The failure of the current national leadership to take seriously the work and recommendations of the TRC is an unwise decision and disservice to the country! National reconciliation will be high on a Liberty Party Government’s agenda. A Liberty Party Government will work expeditiously to bring closure to the TRC process and work with the national legislature to honor and memorialize the country’s war dead. National reconciliation will be a high priority agenda item for a Liberty Party Government because Liberty Party believes that Liberia will not make durable and sustainable progress until an environment is created wherein all Liberians are free from fear, all Liberians have equal access to the opportunities the country has to offer, and we heal the wounds of the civil war in a way that reunites divided communities.

Social and economic reconciliations are crucial to the future of the country. For many years Liberians deceived themselves into believing that Liberia was one of the stable and peaceful countries on the continent, when all along they knew all was not well. The currentadministration’s posture toward national reconciliation is taking the country along that road of self-deception again. After almost six years, the administration has nothing it can call a national reconciliation program. Economically, the country is simply picking up where it left off, with a small group of people appropriating the lion’s share of the country’s resources to themselves, their friends, and families. The wounds of the civil war are festering, and pretending that all is well is foolhardy. But reconciling Liberians requires national leadership with a vision! We cannot attain a serious measure of national reconciliation without strong leadership provided by an administration with both the political will and moral authority. However, much work needs to be done to create a truly one nation, united and at peace. We have a nation to build and the work cannot be done by a few select individuals; all Liberians will be called upon to do their part to transform our nation into the one of which we dream—a nation whose people are not kept apart by a veneer of divisions, suspicion, and mistrust, but a nation where all citizens are subject to, and stand equal before the same laws. And as a result, reconciling the Liberian people would be made a little easier, and our country and the region would be made a safer place.

Borrowing from the words of our National Anthem, only with united hearts shall we shout the freedom of a people benighted, because in union strong, success is sure—we shall prevail over the challenges that confront our nation! A Liberty Party Government will work diligently to reunite and reconcile the Liberian people, providing all Liberians with the right environment in which to live and play, work and retire, and die in peace, leaving a reconciled people and a stable nation as a legacy of our time.


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