Liberty Party Opens the Flood Gates in Montserrado County

In what is considered the highest turnout to open a political party’s headquarters, thousands of partisans and supporters of Liberty Party thronged the streets on Monrovia to open the beautiful offices at the Liberty Party building. The Liberty Party building, a modern building with elegant landscaping, is draped in green and white painting, staring back in proud as men and women, boys and girls showed their support to a party considered the most viable and mature opposition party.

Reports from multiple sources suggest around ten to fifteen thousand supporters marched and danced peacefully in the streets as they adorned the colors of Liberty Party, green and white. The celebration and jubilation marks a turn for Liberty Party in Montserrado County, once considered the strong hold of another opposition party.

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As the celebration ensued, a staunch supporter of Liberty Party could be heard saying “this showing proves that Liberty party has staked a claim in Montserrado County, it has sent a message that there is no safe territory for its massive green revolution. Unity Party and others have received their summons.” This seemed to energize listeners as they jumped and screamed with reckless abandon.

The Political Leader of Liberty Party, dressed in white shirt with a T-shirt carrying his picture beneath his shirt, was visibly moved by the overwhelming support from the crowd. He thanked the many supporters of the party and called on everyone to continue the hard work of making Liberty party better. Cllr. Brumskine has been the most articulate opposition leader since he decided to run for office. He has been relentless in his bid to unite the country and bring about meaningful change in the lives of the average Liberian.

As Liberia gears up for a hectic voter registration and subsequent campaign season, many now believe that Liberty Party and its Political Leader have turned a corner for the better. And if this type of showing continues in Montserrado County, even the pundits believe that no other party can surpass Liberty Party.


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  • ittlab

    February 13, 2017 at 4:14 am

    The support of the people remains our strength.
    Thanks to all who turnout on the 31st of January 2017 for the official opening of our Party headquarters


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