Liberty Party Executive Committee (NEC) Members and Legislators

Liberty Party’s National Executive Committee

Benjamin Sanvee                                                                  National Chairman

Dr. Samuel Kpehe Ngaima                                                 Vice Chairman for Policy and Program

Darius Dillon                                                                         Vice Chairman for Political Affairs

Robert Azango                                                                      Vice Chairman for Ops and Technical Affairs

Cllr. Hilton Powo                                                                 Vice Chair/Legal

Sen. Steve Zargo                                                                    Vice Chair/ Legislative Affairs

Cllr. Loseni Bility                                                                  Vice Chair External Affairs

Maxwell Grigsby                                                                   Vice Chair/Mobilization

Kwame E. Ross                                                                      Vice Chairman/Auxillary Services

Emmanuel Azango                                                                Vice Chairman for Membership

Jacob Smith                                                                            Secretary General

Nuwoe A.D. Scott                                                                  Treasurer

Seh Morris Brown                                                                   Deputy Secretary General/Administration

Kla Edward Toomey                                                              Deputy Secretary General/Public Affairs

James M.V.Yougie                                                                 Deputy secretary General/Operations

Philip Innis                                                                              Assistant Secretary General/Political Affairs

Williette C. Lysander                                                              Assistant Secretary General/Membership

Daniel O. Sando                                                                     Assistant Secretary General/Special Project

Vicent Willie                                                                           Assistant Secretary General/Mobilization

Vivian Neejay Innis                                                               Assist. Secretary General for Gender Policy

Agatius B. Coker                                                                    Assistant Secretary General for Auxiliary

Israel Akinsanya                                                                    Former Chairman

Liberty Party Senators

Senator Steve Zargo                                                               Lofa County

Senator Jonathan Kaipay                                                     Grand Bassa County

Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence                                 Grand Bassa County

Liberty Party Representatives

Rep. Eugene F. Kparkar                                                         District #1, Lofa County (Rest in Peace)

Rep. J. Byron Brown                                                               District #4, Grand Bassa County

Rep. Gabriel Smith                                                                  District #3, Grand Bassa County

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