Liberty Party Donates US$5000 to Agencies


Jacob Smith, Secretary General of Liberty Party present Check to Dorothy Blie, Acting Country Director – Samaritan’s Purse (Liberia)

Monrovia: Following extensive efforts by the Party and its USA branch, LP-USA, the National Executive Committee of Liberty Party is pleased to announce today that it is contributing US$10,000 ($5,000 in cash and $5,000 in kind) as its initial contribution towards the fight against the deadly EBOLA virus now ravaging the country.The cash donation is being made to Samaritan’s Purse and the Liberian National Red Cross who are active in providing preventive measures, monitoring and caregiving. The $5,000 in-kind donation,which consists primarily ofprotective gear, is being made to community groups organized by LP District Coordinators in various districts throughout the country.


LP Jacob Smith presents check to Liberian Red Cross

This action comes after LP-USA initiated and successfully hosted a teleconference for Liberians in the United States to provide information on the spread and prevention of the Ebola virus which they can then provide to their friends and families in Liberia. The teleconference followed several rounds of consultations with United States health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and the State of Texas’ Department of Infectious Control.During the conference, which lasted for about one and half hours and attended by approximately 400 persons, an expert from the United States Centers for Disease Control provided valuable information on the spread and prevention of the Ebola virus.

The LP-USA teleconference was organized with the support and effortsof Liberian associations and civic organizations in the United States, under the theme “We Stand as One against Ebola.”Participants in the conference were encouraged to call their families and friends in Liberia to share the information provided by the expert.

In its continued effort to support the national effort in this fight against the Ebola virus, LP will shortly release flyers containing frequently asked questions about the Ebola virus along with answers provided by the expert of the United States Centers for Disease Control who graciously participated in the recent USA teleconference. The flyers will be used as tools to educate the public in an effort to demystify the Ebola virus, including in particular how it spreads, and thus enable our people to lead normal lives while taking appropriate facts-based actions to avoid contracting the virus. LP will also make available to the public audio transcript of the recent teleconference.

In addition to the measures above, the Liberty Party will undertake the following in its support of the national effort to eradicate the Ebola virus from the country:

Engage in consistent and continued mass campaigns in the print and electronic media using updated information from the US Centers for Disease Control and public health advisory from the Ministry of Health to educate and inform the public of the risk and hazards involved in confronting this virus.

The National Executive Committee has constituted an internal joint Ebola Task Force with Benjamin Sanvee and Edith Gongloe in Liberia as Coordinators and Philip Suah in the United States as Coordinator. The task force will coordinate the party’s effortsin the fight against Ebola. The Task Force will work collaboratively with and support the efforts of the Government of Liberia’s National Task Force and all Liberians and institutions involved in the national campaign to eradicate this deadly virus from our country.

Liberty Party wishes to thank Liberians worldwide for making financial and other contributions to relief organizations and taking various initiatives in the fight against the Ebola virus.The Party would also like to thank its eminent partisan Cllr Charles Walker Brumskine and its Political Leader Hon. Franklin Siakor for the statesmanship shown in dealing with this unprecedented health crisis in our country. Our medical doctors, nurses and other health workers are our national heroes in this war against the Ebola virus and Liberty Party and the Liberian people owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.




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