Liberty Party Calls on Liberian Gov’t to Reduce Price of Rice, Fuel

First released July 2011

As we just concluded our national Independence Day celebrations, Liberty Party is saddened by the thousands of our citizens who could not afford to celebrate with us because of the lack of food and basic necessities of life. 

The high cost of fuel on the local market has priced many Liberians out of the ability to afford staples like rice and other imported food goods necessary for a basic diet. Our district to district tour conducted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 shows more Liberians hungry this year than last year at this time. The need for concerted and emergency government short term action is needed. 

Liberty Party is therefore calling on the government to reduce the price of rice and certain basic food commodities to relieve the living pressures and assure food security as a continuous and sustained formula for peace. The government can fund this reduction by using various fiscal mechanism such as granting temporary duty free importation of rice, temporary elimination or reduction in the tax on gas, suspension of government discretionary spending especially in the areas of vehicle purchase and travel including government contribution towards presidential campaign trips, and reduction in gas and housing allowance to senior government officials. 

We must all be mindful that the basic security needs of our country begin with food security. The measures proposed today will go a long way in relieving the rising staple food crisis developing in our country. We call on our government to act now!!!

Jacob T. Smith 

Deputy Secretary General for Press & Publication

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