Liberia Ebola Statistics as of 9/23/14

Source: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Ebola Cases Table

Cases HCW

Isolation Discharge



Outbreak data



•Five (5) probable cases were referred to the ETU including 3 Ebola orphans

•The CHT and partners held a one day Ebola awareness meeting with stake holders, social mobilizers and contact tracesrin Ganta

•The Ebola Response Team with support from Save the Children launched a 10 days social mobilization campaign in KarnplayCity (GbehlayGeh) and BahnCity (Zoe-Geh)

•The German Government donated three (3) cartons of PPEs via the REHAB hospital in Ganta




•Global Community (NGO) has taken over burial activities

•Plan International donated a toyotaLand cruiser along with some assorted Ebola preventive materials

•The Ebola Response Team held Clan level community dialogue for seven days

•19 patients are currently in the holding unit




•Total number of patients in Foya Case Management Center (FCMC) –24

•Total new cases -4

•Total number of deaths -4




  • 134 health staffs at the F. J. Grante Hospital were trained by MOHSW and CDC Technical Assistants
  • The MOHSW training team has started facility level training in the 10 health districts.
  • The agriculture Training Center Clinic in Panama is being proposed as temporary holding center for suspected cases
  • Ebola taskforce is being established at districts and community levels




•8 suspected and probable bodies were buried

•Contact tracing is being decentralized to district level with County level supervisor taking the lead



Grand Kru

•Facility based training has started

•WFP donated some food items to the Grand KruCounty Health & Social Welfare Team

•The county authorities has identified BarclayvilleCentral High School as Ebola Holding Center pending endorsement by MOE authority

•The CHT is arranging the burial of a pregnant woman in Parlukentoday

•UNMIL Civil affairs will underwrite the cost of gCHVstraining for contact tracing at community level

•Radio Voice of Grand Kruhas allotted one hour daily exclusively for Ebola updates

•Lack of functional ambulance for the referral of patients



Montserrado County

•2864 of 2936 contacts under follow up were seen by contact tracing teams.

•Of the 2936 contacts being followed, 109 completed 21 days, 4 lost to follow-up

•Total new deaths -31 deaths

–25 from the ETUs

–6 from communities

Lab Results

National Reference Lab at LIBR

64 specimens tested

–39 positive

–23 negative

–2 Indeterminate

Mobile Lab at ELWA

57 specimens tested

–14 positive

–43 negative

Burial Team Highlight

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