Do Not Repeat the Mistake of the Past 10/17/11

First Released October 2011

Liberty Party-USA calls on all Liberians to respect the electoral process in the interest of peace and tranquility in Liberia. Moreover, we call upon opposition parties who disengaged from the process to exercise restraint and re-engage the electoral process. We recognize that there may be legitimate concerns over the handling of the election process; however, we believe that there are better options to pursue that could remediate the situation while maintaining an atmosphere of peace and respect for the rule of law. As an alternative, opposition parties could engage the regional and international communities, as well as civil societies in Liberia to discuss grievances with the National Elections Commission (NEC).

We should not repeat the errors of those who, in the past, attempted to correct a wrong in society by pursuing pathways (intentionally or otherwise) that led to the destruction of the country. Instead, we must educate our children and the future leaders of this country that political decisions and actions must be based on what is good for the country in the long term, not what is based on the immediate gratification of our emotions. We have learned from our Nation’s past that there are both intentional and unintentional consequences of our actions and decisions and we cannot allow those outcomes to negatively impact the country or its inhabitants.

Liberty Party-USA stands resolute that its decisions, statements, and actions will put Liberia first, regardless of the conventional wisdom of the day. We hold the interest of Liberia as a value, not as a priority which can change with circumstances. We commend the opposition for exhibiting unity on a plan of action; however, we disagree with the plan of pulling out of the election process.

We therefore ask all political parties to re-engage the electoral process and help guide Liberia through a smooth election process.


Philip B. Suah, Jr.

Chair, Liberty Party-USA

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